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What if HCMC is not there to do what it always has?

A bridge collapses into the Mississippi River. A van speeds into the crowd at the Holidazzle Parade. The state prepares for H1N1 influenza.

Imagine a disaster or major emergency event without HCMC to do what it has always done Ė react immediately and do everything possible to save lives. Disaster preparedness is much more than being there with a Level 1 trauma center to pick up the pieces. Itís ongoing, careful preparation including detailed planning to coordinate the availability of hospital beds, health care workers, supplies and medicine across the state before disaster strikes.

HCMC is the hospital resource center for disaster preparedness and response in the metro area, and developed a plan that details how the Twin Citiesí hospitals share information, resources and staff during a disaster. Additionally, itís a global migration site for the United States Centers for Disease Control.

Imagine a disaster or emergency event without that kind of preparation or cooperation. Weíve seen it in other parts of the country, but thanks in part to HCMC, it hasnít happened in Minnesota.

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