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The scars of the uninsured

I dropped off my daughter at a band concert this weekend in South Minneapolis and noticed a woman with a bloody face sitting on a curb. She had fallen and had a significant cut. As I looked at the cut and assessed her injuries, I told her that I felt it was likely she needed stitches. It wasnít a matter of life or death, but it would make a difference in how her cuts healed and how she would look after they healed. She told me that she recently lost her job and didnít have health insurance and would rather take her chances with band-aids and super glue than go to an emergency room and possibly face medical bills that she couldnít afford. In all probability, she will show the scars of uninsurance for the rest of her life. This isnít the way it should be in Minnesota.

Thank you, HCMC, for all that you do

I am forever grateful that the physician who cared for my husband at the hospital in Onamia, Minnesota 10 years ago was a resident physician at HCMC so he knew exactly what to do. My husband was driving an ATV and he rounded a corner and hit a tree, causing his sunglasses to fly forward severing his ear. By the time he reached the emergency room he was in shock having lost a lot blood. He was unconsious and required many stitches in his head to repair the gash to re-attach the back of his ear. He also had a very deep concusion. I truly believe that if such a highly trained physician had not been present in that little hospital in Onamia Ė more than 100 miles from the nearest Level 1 Trauma Center - my husband may not be here today. Instead, my children have been able to grow up with their father and I still have my husband. Thank you, HCMC, for all that you do for the residents of Minnesota. You are there in our darkest moments, ever calm and always prepared!

A Nurse's Story

I graduated from the HCMC School of Nursing in 1964. My education at hcmc played a large part in my successful career as a nurse, nurse anesthetist, and as a military officer for 24 years. I will always be grateful for the educational opportunities afforded me at HCMC.

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