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More than 20,000 rely on HCMC to be their best

Wherever you live in Minnesota, they are the volunteer fire fighters, local police officers, county sheriff deputies, paramedics, emergency medical technicians and other trained emergency personnel that respond when you dial 911. Chances are, HCMC had a role in their continuing education.

At your local hospital or clinic, she’s the nurse taking care of you. He’s the technician taking x-rays of your broken bone. And, if they went to a college or university in Minnesota, they probably received advanced clinical training at HCMC.

Most medical students at the University of Minnesota do clinical rotations at HCMC, and the medical center’s residency programs prepare doctors to work in hospitals and clinics across the state.

When you add it up, last year more than 20,000 health care students or practicing physicians, and health care professionals relied on HCMC to prepare them to be the best. The best doctor, nurse, occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, or first responder providing outstanding care in cities and towns across Minnesota.

As the shortage of health care workers grows, HCMC is being forced to consider reducing or eliminating training programs that prepare your health care worker to be their best. When the General Assistance Medical Care program ends in March 2010, HCMC will lose $43 million in funding that pays for care provided to Minnesotans who will still get sick and need care.

Kristy’s Story

Kristy grew up in Janesville, Minnesota, and attended Minnesota State University Mankato. She graduated with a four-year degree in Human Biology.

“Upon graduation from MSU, I knew I wanted to be a part of a health care team. I felt medical technology would be right for me because I enjoyed the laboratory portions of my undergraduate courses,” Kristy said.

To get advanced training that would help her excel in her field, she attended Medical Technology training at HCMC.

“I owe it to the school of Medical Technology at HCMC in many ways. Without the dedication from the personnel who teach in the HCMC lab, I would not have the skills I use today to succeed as a Medical Technologist in the healthcare field.”

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