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What is GAMC?

GAMC stands for General Assistance Medical Care. For more than 35 years, GAMC has helped fill the gap in coverage for childless adults making up to $8,000 per year.

Why the change after 35 years?

To help balance the state budget, in June 2009 the Governor used a line-item veto to eliminate the GAMC program effective in March 2010 unless the legislature acted during the 2010 session. In April 2010, the governor signed a bill passed by the legislature continuing a scaled-back, redesigned GAMC program.

Why should I care if HCMC loses funding?

Even if inadvertently, you will be affected. If funding is significantly reduced to HCMC and other hospitals that care for poorest of the poor in Minnesota, these hospitals will be forced to cut programs and services we have all come to rely on, including teaching and training, statewide care and disaster preparedness. Additionally, Minnesotans can expect to see a reduction in health care access that occurs when hospitals and clinics are forced to do more with less.

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